Solving customer problems should be a side effect

One of the most important things a company can do, is to talk to its customers to learn what they like or dislike, what they are having troubles with, what they are trying to achieve, etc. But should this dictate your roadmap?

Yes… but also, no.

If you’re focussed on directly satisfying what your customers is explicitly asking for, you’re going to miss the 10x opportunity. If customers knew what they wanted, it would be built already, and there’s a very good chance it already is. We’re living in a time where there’s really not that many needs that have gone unmet.

It’s your job instead, to take what your customers are telling you and apply it to your knowledge of the space you’re operating in as another input, to find the bigger problem at hand where a side effect will be resolving the issue your customer has.

If all you’re doing is reacting to direct requests, where’s the innovation?

The reaction you want for a feature launch isn’t “cool, they’ve added the feature I wanted”, it should be “holy shit, this is next level”

Aim for the “holy shit”.


November 06, 2017

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